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EC1 Plus

Sanitary S1000
(UK only)

Construction S2000
(UK only)

Sanitary S7000

Sanitary S8000

Sanitary S8100

Silirub+ S8100 is a high-quality, elastic onecomponent joint sealant
• Very easy to apply
• Very low emmission, EC1 PLUS R certified
• Colourfast and UV resistant
• Permanently elastic after curing
• Corrosion free
• Excellent adhesion on glass, ceramic, enamel and galvanised metals
• Impervious to mould
• Food safe according to FDA regulations code CFR 21 § 177.2600 (e)

• Permanent elastic sealing in bathroom, kitchen, air conditioning and ventilation systems.
• Connection joints between wall and bath tubs or shower bases.
• Joints in building products from aluminum and finished materials.

Natural stone S8800