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EC1 Plus

Sanitary S1000
(UK only)

Construction S2000
(UK only)

Sanitary S7000

• acetic curing sanitary silicone
• does not string during tooling - excellent toolability
• maximum allowed distortion 25%
• free from solvents, halogens and isocyanates
• contains fungicides (meets DIN/ISO 846)
• permanently elastic
• colour fast, excellent weather and UV-resistance
• excellent adhesion to glass, ceramics, enamel and galvanized metals
• resistant to household cleaners and disinfectants
• meets DIN 18545-2
• extensive colour range

• Sanitary sealing applications in bathroom, kitchen, showers etc.
• Movement joints in construction

Sanitary S8000

Sanitary S8100

Natural stone S8800